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City Code Violations



            We are notifying Dixmoor Residents that the annual village inspections will begin in the month of February.  Residents must make sure that their properties are up to code during these inspections.  We will be inspecting the outside of homes for code violations such as fences in disrepair, address numerals missing and downed trees, etc.  This is to ensure the health and safety of our residents and village visitors.  If for any reason residents are found to be in violation they will first receive a letter in the mail identifying the problem(s) and solution(s) needed to be in compliant with village codes with a turnaround time of 30-60 days at the discretion of the Dixmoor Village Code Enforcer.  Your turnaround time will be dependent upon the nature of the violation as well as the cost to the resident in an effort to become compliant.  Our goal is not to work against our village residents but in fact to work with them as opposed to punishing them for code violations.  If these violations are not in compliant within the allotted timeframe after being notified by the Code Enforcer’s office all violations are subject to a monetary penalty to be paid by the Village resident. 


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