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Our History and Our Goal

In March of 1989, the residents of the Village of Dixmoor voted to establish the Dixmoor Public Library District. The purpose of the Dixmoor Public Library District was to provide library service for the residents. Dixmoor was considered a small community, therefore the original Board of Library Trustees comprised of Carolyn Clark, Elizabeth Webber, Zeb Lollis, Debra Smith, and Debra Steinberger knew at the time it would be impossible to construct an actual Library and it would also take time to absorb the responsibilities of a Library Trustee. So, a decision was made by the Trustees that it would be in the best interest of the Dixmoor Residents to partner with the Harvey Public Library District. In July of 1989, the Harvey Public Library District welcomed this union. The merger was a prayer answered for the Dixmoor Library Board of Trustees. Our residents now had access to all the privileges the Harvey Library District had to offer. The former Dixmoor Library Board of Trustees sponsored effective programs for the Village of Dixmoor. Programs such as bicycle giveaways, raffles, dinners etc. The partnership with the Harvey Public Library District was very successful, but as time went on, a New Board of Trustees, Gwendolyn Davis, Lena Howard, Alda Leavy, Juanita Davis, and Elsie Elston wanted more for the Village of Dixmoor. Because of economic reasons, the Dixmoor Board of Trustees made a strategic decision to leave the Harvey Public Library District. In June of 2011, the Dixmoor Public Library District partnered with the William Leonard Public Library District in Robbins, Illinois. Dixmoor Public Library Trustees were looking toward the future. In June of 2016, the current Board of Trustees Margie Hudson Walker, Hazel A. Bowman, Arletta Evans, V. Rose Jackson, Cynthia Mossuto and Gwendolyn Davis voted to purchase property at 14501 Davis St. to builda Library/Media Center the Village will be proud of.

Our Vision

The Dixmoor Library/Media Center will be value added services offered within the
Village boundaries. Those services will include:

  • Housing state of the art hardware and software
  • Reducing the reluctance of seniors using technology
  • Providing wireless internet accessibility
  • Offering limited number of print titles through a lending library system
  • Providing space for multi-generational arts and crafts activities
  • Providing space for individual and small group tutoring
  • Expanding the use of the Friends of the Library
  • Securing additional resources through fundraising for academic/book scholarships
  • Developing and maintaining Media Center’s own Website
  • Hosting book club meetings

This current board sees this step as the first step in many to come with the help
and the community’s support. Be a part of history, join us as we broaden our
service to the community.

Get your own library card!

Did you know once you obtain your library card, you may
use it at any library in the Metropolitan area?
To receive a library card, you must apply at the
William Leonard Public Library
13820 Central Park Ave.
Robbins, Illinois 60472

1. Be a Dixmoor resident.
2. Two (2) forms of identification required.
Driver’s License or Illinois State ID with Dixmoor address, and a Utility Bill.
3. The Parent/Guardian of children must be present.
4. Children must be able to write his/her own name.
5. If a card has been issued previously, there will be a $2.00 charge.
For more information call (708-489-9310)

Meet the Team

  • Pauline Davis-President
  • Arletta Evans-Secretary
  • V. Rose Jackson-Treasurer
  • Denise Ruffin-Trustee
  • Nora Edmond-Trustee