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Ira Rolark, Trustee - Government Municipality in Dixmoor, IL


Mayor Armstrong has been a Dixmoor resident since 1994.  I am the mother of one who holds a BA in Education.  I have worked for the Federal Government for over 35 years as well as I am a longtime member of Christ Universal Temple Church of Chicago, Illinois.  I am a member of the prestigious “Top Ladies of Distinctions, INC; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; United Way South-Southwest and Mississippi Valley State University Alumni Association.  It is not only an privilege to be a part of such prestigious clubs but it is an honor to serve communities throughout the Chicagoland area by giving back in Food Drives; Serving the Homeless and less fortunate as well organizing and coordinating Village activities such Easter Egg Hunts; Christmas parties; block club events and other school activities.  I am working hard on my belief that we can start now to make a clean sweep in the Village of Dixmoor and bring real solutions to the problems that have plagued our community far too long.  I am a hard worker who is committed and dedicated to the people I serve.


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