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Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 26, 2020

Village of Dixmoor                               

Executive Board Meeting

170 W. 145th Street – Dixmoor, IL 60426

Thursday, March 26, 2020

 7:00 P.M.


(1)       Call to Order

(2)       Invocation- Prayer 

(3)        Pledge of Allegiance

(4)       Roll Call

(5)       Adoption of Minutes; Executive Board Meeting Minutes   

            Approval of February 27, 2020 Executive Board Minutes

            Approval of March 13, 2020 Special Board Minutes

(6)       Unfinished Business

Motion To Enforce A Resolution Titled “A Resolution Authorizing The Members Of The   Village Board To Be Provided Keys To Certain Buildings For The Village Of Dixmoor, County Of Cook, State Of Illinois. (Trustee Dwayne Tyson & Trustee Judnita Smith)

            Approve Trustee J Smith, chair over finance committee meetings, to get a pin

            number to view all bank accounts- Trustee Judnita Smith

            Approve Mary Pier & Associates to attend all finance committee meetings and attend

            Board meetings upon request of committee – Trustee Judnita Smith

            Approve to apply for Village of Dixmoor Sam’s credit card – Trustee Judnita Smith

            Approve all department heads to complete a by-weekly supply requisition  

            and Approve Trustee Roberts and Trustee Smith to purchase and deliver supplies to

            the village hall and store supplies in a secure area – Trustee Judnita Smith

            Change names on the Menards account – Trustee Judnita Smith

            Status of the signature cards – Trustee Judnita Smith

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(7)       New Business 

The consideration and purchase of asphalt r alternative products for Village Rights of Way (final action to be taken) AND (b) consideration and final action to be taken regarding access to the new recreational center for use for a basketball program or multiple basketball programs. – Trustee Fitzgerald Roberts and Trustee Dwayne Tyson

Approval for the expenditure of funds for sidewalks and related and unrelated infrastructure and public work’s needs – Trustee Fitzgerald Roberts

(8)       Department Reports

       a.  Economic Development, Planning and Zoning – Mr. Bert Herzog

            Resolution (CDBG) Application – Mr. Bert Herzog

Street lighting STP Grant through SSMMA for CMAP funds for Wood Street. Is due March 20th. In conjunction with IDOT and SSMMA. –Mr. Bert Herzog

             Update Community Center – Trustee Yolanda Williams-Corner

             CENSUS 2020 – Trustee Yolanda Williams-Corner

       b.   Insurance, Risk Management and Personnel – LinMar HR Solutions Plus,

             LLC – Linda Keller   

       c.    Finance and Appropriations – Treasurer -Pier & Associates

  Bill List – February 23, 2020 & March 12, 2020

  Approval of Treasure Report May 01, 2019 to April 30, 2020

Discussion, Acknowledgement And Ascertainment Of A Debt Owed To The Village By  The Mayor/President Of The Village, Yvonne Davis, Based On An Overpayment To Her

             In Excess Of Her Ordained Salary (Trustee Judnita Smith & Trustee Fitzgerald Roberts

Mayor Davis’ proposed settlement for repayment of the payroll error –Pier & Associates

      d.   Public Works and Water – Superintendent Paris Steele

      e.    Police and Fire – Chief of Police Ronnie Burge/Fire Liaison Steve McCain

 (9)      Clerk’s Report – Village Clerk Juanita Darden

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 (10)     Mayor’s Report & Proposed Appointments – Mayor Yvonne Davis (Action if needed)

Deputy Clerk/FOIA Officer – Mayor Yvonne Davis    

Code Enforcer – Mayor Yvonne Davis  

 An appointment for Gregory T. Mitchell, to investigate personnel matters –Mayor Yvonne Davis

  (11)    Attorney’s Report – Gillespie & Gillespie (Action if needed)

RESOLUTION AND RELIEF ACTION RELATED TO COVID-19 (Village of Dixmoor Declaration) – Gillespie & Gillespie

  (12)    Ordinances & Resolution

  (13)    Public Comment  

  (14)    Executive Session (Action if needed)  

(2) Two Personnel matters and the Negotiation of a Public Works Contract -Trustee Fitzgerald Roberts

   (15)     Adjournment


Meeting Minutes