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Yolanda Willliams-Corner

Trustee Yolanda Williams- Corner, Lifelong resident, community servant and actively involved since 2001, makes every effort to work collaboratively to improve and stabilize the community. Provide support where needed, promote the development of strategic planning, mentor future leadership, and seek opportunities to make positive differences and enhance the quality of our lives and wellbeing.

I have had the pleasure to talk with many of our residents and employees in Dixmoor and surrounding communities. They have shared with me their thoughts, visions, challenges and successes in the place we all call home. My focus, energy, and passion are to help solve the problems and challenges that we as a community face now and in the future. The Village Dixmoor will continue to develop and thrive.

Trustee Yolanda Williams Corner – Retired Educator for Chicago Public School system with 35 years of experience. Cooperative Work Trainer with behaviorally challenged youth and cognitively disabled young adults. Primary responsibilities to establish and maintain working relationships with community based organizations. Ensure that students were competitively employed or placed appropriately in volunteer training site and provide job retention services for students.

Results driven persona, making every effort to work positively with my colleagues and employees to build a better community. Always open to opposing viewpoints as well as like-minded individuals from all walks of life, so contact me at any time to talk, share concerns, ideas or suggestions at (708) 203-8291 or feel free to email me at

“Change Is Not Always Accepted But is Necessary For Growth and Development”