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Yvonne Davis

Trustee Yvonne Davis relocated to the Village of Dixmoor in 2004, she regularly attended the Village Committee and Executive Board meetings and knew that she had the wisdom and management skills that were needed to help the village grow. She was appointed as Village Trustee in 2006, and is currently serving her third term as a Village Trustee after being re-elected in 2011.

Trustee Davis served as the Chair for the Dixmoor Fire Department from 2008-2013 and is now serving as the Chair for the Dixmoor Building Services and Codes Department since August 2014 and the Co-Chair of the Dixmoor Senior Committee since October 2014, both seats appointed by the current Village President.  For those who know Trustee Davis, respect her honesty and commitment to rebuilding Dixmoor. Trustee Davis knows the importance of involving our citizens with any policy making decisions that are made by the Dixmoor Board of Trustees and has an open door policy where anyone can contact her to discuss their concerns.

Trustee Davis is currently enrolled in a four year college pursuing her Business Management Degree via virtual campus and is always willing to learn.  If you have a need to express concerns regarding the Village of Dixmoor, feel free to contact her at 708-248-0038 or leave a message at 708-513-5536.